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October 29, 2012

Too Much Candy... Give it Away!

Halloween is two days away; but thanks to a visit from Grandpa, a day care party, and a small trunk or treat with friends, we already have enough candy to last us a month in this house!

My son is only three, he wants to eat candy all day.  As his mother I try to limit this.  I am a firm believer in everything in moderation.  The problem is convincing a three year old of that.  Not to mention the fact that everytime I give him a piece I take a piece... and don't even ask about the chocolate that I hoard for after he goes to bed. 
Ok, so I'm working on the moderation thing... but one of my mothering goals is to teach my son better so it's not an issue for him as an adult.  We are both learning and growing.

Last year I sent the left over candy to work with the hubs.  He told me that his office mates cursed at him for a week as they all over indulged.  To save my husband the grief, this year I thought we would try something different. 

There are many great charities that would gladly take your extra or left over candy.  After a bit of reserch, here are a few ideas to check out.

Operation Gratitude - Send your candy to our troops!  You can find a particpating dentist in your area, or mail the candy directly to them.  They have to recieve your candy no later than Dec 1.

Ronald McDonald House - Check with your local chapter and see what they accept.  You could also check the local Children's Hospital or Pediatric Ward.

Meals on Wheels - Help give a little extra treat with each meal deliverred.  Check your local chapter for their needs.  Another option would be an area nursing home.

Finally, don't forget your local food bank!

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