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October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Hubs - I will gladly follow you around the world, or across town in rush hour traffic to get the transmission on your old Bronco rebuilt; just to see that little kid in a candy store smile of yours!

Dear Little Bear - Do not fear, I am and always will be your best friend.  Please feel free to keep asking me if you need to!

Dear Me - Have fun this weekend and do not worry if all that you do is play.  The To-Do list will still be there on Monday!

Dear Tigers - You guys rock!  World Serues here we come! 


  1. Hi! I love the name of your blog! I'm definitely not done growing, either! Ha ha!

    Thanks for linking up with the Weekend Blog Walk! You're awesome!

    Hi! It's Jilly

    1. Thank you Jillian! I'm glad you like the blog name. =)


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