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October 9, 2012

Owl Cookies are a HOOT!

My son and I had a mini Holiday yesterday.  His day care was closed for teacher training, so I got to stay home with him.  What a blast.  He really is so much fun at this age, cracking me up with his stories and all the wonderful songs he sings to me.  He just turned three last month, so there are of course those moments when he shows his true three year old self… but most of the time he really is my pride and joy!

While leafing through my October 2012 Parent’s magazine last week, my son noticed these adorable Owl cookies.  He decided that we had to make them!  Since it was about 10 minutes before his bedtime that particular day, I managed to talk him into waiting until our day off.  As soon as he finished breakfast yesterday, he was ready to bake.  I could not help but join in with his enthusiasm. 

The recipe is really very simple.  It calls for refrigerated sugar and peanut butter cookie dough, which I used this time.  If you prefer to make your own dough just use your favorite recipe, roll it into a log, and chill in the fridge for a bit before cutting into slices. 

You can find the details instructions here:  http://www.recipe.com/owl-cookies/

We had these done in no time and my son loved making the faces.  Of course ours did not turn out nearly as polished as the professional ones…. But they are definitely just as tasty!  =)

Seriously, they are pretty straight forward.  You could probably figure it out from the pictures…. But just in case here’s my condensed version:

1 comment:

  1. These are so cute I had to feature them at Empty Your Archive - thank you so much for linking up, Alice x


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