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October 3, 2012

Finding Hope

Hello All… today is my first post on this new blog.  Please allow me some wiggle room, as it is still a work in progress.  To tell the truth, I’m still a work in progress; which at this point in my life kind of surprises me.  I suppose I always assumed that the closer I got to 40, the better I would know what I want in life.   

Isn’t my life supposed to be pretty much mapped out by now and just plugging along?  It always seemed when I was younger that the Moms I knew were living their lives happily and content…. Ahhh to be that naïve again!  Now I know that happiness and contentment has nothing to do with age or goals met… there’s something deeper, something more that you need to find first.    

Therein lays my problem… I have no idea what that something else is.  Seriously, isn’t there a nice and easy little piece of wisdom someone can give me?  Please tell me if you know it, please?   

So today I am beginning a new adventure, one in which I hope to find that “something missing” in my life.  Sometimes I think I hear a little bird in this tree of my life that sings a quiet song telling me that I already know what I need to know…. I just need to put all the pieces together…..  Good thing that I have always enjoyed a challenging puzzle! 

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