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April 18, 2013

Easy Peasy No Knots Fleece Blanket

fleece blanket
My little bear has a serious love affair going on with all things related to super heroes.  His favorite is Spiderman, with Batman coming in a close second.  Since the Avengers sometimes work with Spidey, he thinks they are pretty cool too.  

One of his favorite movies is Captain America.  We have spent many evenings dancing to the USO song from the movie.  Two more things to add to that list of things I never realized moms had to do:  I know more about super heroes than I ever thought I would, and I have to sing and dance like a show girl for my little hero!
Any who, as part of his super hero obsession, little bear's bedroom looks like a Spiderman Comic book exploded in it.  We still have him in a toddler bed, which means finding super hero blankets the right size is just about impossible.   Thankfully, I am a crafty mom.    We stumbled upon some great Avengers fleece the other day at JoAnns.  I should say little bear used his spider sense to zero in on anything Spiderman related within 20 feet.  Seriously, the kid never misses anything.  The bolt of fabric was behind the cutting station, at the bottom of the "to be reshelved" pile.   He did need a back up blanket for his bed, so I decided to see what I could do with the fleece.  I did not want to do the normal knotted fleece blanket, because I knew he would be using it on his bed and all those knots and tassels drive me crazy!    
easy fleece blanket
When little bear saw the finished blanket he loved it.  He literally danced his happy dance for 10 minutes, and then ran it right up to his bedroom.  He even insisted on making his bed the next morning!  Winner!  =) This blanket took me about an hour at most to put together.  It was fun and easy.  What is your favorite blanket to make these days?       

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1 comment:

  1. a cute idea and a great tutorial. I will definitely be making 2 for my little grands.


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