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February 12, 2013

Love is in the air...

With Valentine's Day this week, I thought I would take a break from my paczki eating today and whip up a card for the hubs.  I'm sure he will laugh at me for making the card, but at this point why not give him a giggle.  He married silly and he knows it!  =)

I made the love word art using My Memories Suite.  Then just printed it out, cut out a couple of hearts and used chipboard letters I had laying around.  Easy peasy... are you all noticing a craft theme here?  

Any who, in the spirit of sharing the love this week; I am also giving you an early valentines with some free printables.  So you can make up some quick cards if needed!

I am using this one as the background on my desktop this week:
download HERE

 Here is the pink version that I used for my card:

download HERE

Finally, a simple white version:

download HERE
For those of you wondering what on earth a paczki is, you can read all about my history with the Fat Tuesday traditions here!


  1. No card for my hubby, but I am making him a pie! Trying Arrowroot instead of cornstarch, wish me luck!

  2. LOL- I love the term, "married silly" I hear ya~ very cute...

  3. Lovely card and lovely free printables too. You got me thinking I should do more freebies like that too.

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  4. I love the one that says LOVE and has all of the words in the heart shape. Very cute!
    Thanks for linking up to the Crafty Thursday Obsessions link party!
    Hope to see you back this week!


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